Weapon Of Hope

by Oskord

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released July 5, 2011

Guitar, Vocals – Sergey Nagorny
Vocals – Grygory Nazarov
Drums – Dmitry Titorenko
Flute, Tin Whistle, Low Whistle, Bouzouki, Bones, Mandolin – Andrey Yakovenko
Guitar – Max Kiprov
Bass – Alexei Andrushenko
Viola – Nikolai Ivanov

Music By – Oskord
Lyrics By – Alexei Andrushenko, Sergey Nagorny
Producer, Engineer, Mixed By, Mastered By – Sergey Nagorny

Design [Booklet] – Alexei Andrushenko
Design [Logo] – Jonas Karlsson
Artwork [Cover] – Alena Chenchik
Photography By [Band] – Alex Shatsky



all rights reserved


Oskord Kiev, Ukraine

When I raise my flashing sword, and my hand takes hold on judgment, I will take vengeance upon mine enemies, and I will repay those who haze me.

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Track Name: Salvation Ark
Evil filled the whole earth
And the wickedness was great.
God said “I will destroy man,
For all flesh know anger”.

But there are always rescue and hope,
Just believe, God acts in the lives of all the faithful.
Let eyes see shining light,
Come into the salvation ark in time.
But there are always a light in the dark and out,
Just believe, no evil touch you.
Anyone who listens to the orders of God,
Will correct his way.
Ark, salvation!

And the fountains of the great deep broken up,
Were opened the windows of heaven.
The mountains were covered by the waters,
And in the rainfall sinful world disappeared.

All flesh died in the flood,
Only Noah’s family escaped.
He doesn’t devoted his life to vanity,
Well, the Lord didn’t destroy his trace.
Track Name: Weapon of Hope
Two camps came together to fight in the valley between mountains,
And there went out Goliath, strong, high champion.
And he stood and cried unto the armies of Israel:
“If anybody be able overcome me, then will we be your servants!”

Gods power is not in weapons,
Gods might is not in swords.
Thirst Lord will,
Will win the war!

Strong die in shame,
God chose c the weak.
A formidable army of enemy,
In our hands gave.

And there was a boy, the shepherd, his name was David,
Flock defended as a lion or a bear attacked.
“I’ll meet with Goliath in the battle alone!”
And the king said: “Go, the Lord be with you there”.

With sling the boy went to the Giant in battle,
As smote in his forehead, then warrior lost his spirit.
And the head with the sword he cut off the dead fighter.
So God all the enemies in the hands of the righteous delivered.
Track Name: The Waters of Meribah
God’s people walking on the desert,
In the promised land heading.
But the grumbling in his heart:
Who subdue people thirst?

Moses fell upon his face
And Lord’s voice was heard in glory:
“Speak unto the rock - water will flow
And subdue thirsty tired soul.

The water of Meribah let remind
Those who hope on God.
Living water He give to,
Who trusts Him with all his heart.

Let remind the water of Meribah
Word of his God is always faithful.
Shame and court those who do not trust,
Manifestation of God’s wrath will know.

And the prophet asked the people
Where the water lead out for them.
Hit – opened the rock - and here -
Water flows down.

But Moses won’t come to the land,
What God promised the people.
Afraid of conspiracies and rebellion,
Didn’t believe that the Lord has spoken
Track Name: The Serpent of Brass
The soul of the people was much discouraged because of the way
Because without bread and water can’t bear any more
The people spake against Moses:
Wherefore have ye brought us up out to die in the wilderness?

And the Lord sent
Serpents among the people.
And disbelief became a trap for them.
From snake venom
Human race perished.
In punishment for their unredeemed sin.

In a wretched, time of death,
Bring your look up.
God can save you,
From death to preserve.

Your faith will overcome death,
When there is no solution.
Lift up thine eyes,
Ask forgiveness.

And that people came to talk to God,
Realized that sinned heavily against Him.
Moses Pray to God to help us,
Take away the serpents, forgave all our fault.

And the Lord commanded,
To Moses did
Serpent of brass, put up it.

For that looked
Who was bited.
And do not lose it from the poison of his life
Track Name: Temptation of the Righteous One
One day tempter said to the Lord
that all the earth walked up and down.
Saw Job that loves the Lord.
Like him no longer found.

Doth he praises Your Name for nought?
Doth he surrounded by good?
So let the pain and suffering befall,
Doth don’t deny he Your way?

God over all
This world!
In his hands all that we have.
Look around
And worship!
Before the King of all heaven and earth.

Death visited in cloudless hour,
Betrayed friends, despised everywhere.
He lost those who liked his heart,
In the sea of sorrow don’t hold back tears.

The gloom and sadness enveloped the heart of Job,
Tightly when he lost everything.
Cries and asks to the Holy Father, —
«Why are You hiding Your face?».

«Listen to me, and I will say,
Will ask you - and you explain thou Me.
Is able to know the mind of man
How do I this world and people made?».

«What shall I answer thee?
Put my hand on mouth.
Your Truth is enduring and clean,
You’re ready to take everything that has
given us!».